We don't feel that comfortable tooting our own horn.  So we let other people do it for us!


Love love LOVE Music Together® class, and most especially LOVE our teacher Siobhan! She is truly the greatest there is, and we simply adore her and love being part of her always fun and full of musical energy and laughs classes!

Nina, mommy to Brayden

"Music Together has enhanced our lives more than I could have imagined, thank you! Every morning her reason for getting out of bed is to "dance, dance!" We have such a good time."

Alina, mommy to Runia and Izzy

Signing up for [Siobhan's] Tuesday class nearly 3 years ago is one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. It has led to so many wonderful friendships (for both Sylvie & myself!) and so much joy in the process of making music, so thank you SO much for offering this wonderful program. 

Mara, mommy to Sylvie

"Siobhan is such a natural with kids and moms, I feel so lucky to have her leading classes in our neighborhood! "

Kristine, mommy to Wynn

"The music class has become one of the highlights of our week. Siobhan is very good at what she does!"

Maria, mommy to Paul

"I think your program is absolutely wonderful.   I really believe in your class. I've seen such positive results--namely, how Preston loves to "make some music!" It's true what you always say in class: that it's OK for them to "be taking it in." Preston is often shy in class, but he'll break out with songs and movements we've done in class at home. I love it! I credit Siobhan and the class."

Lillian, mommy to Preston

"just want to add how wonderful Mary has been. Ben loves class and when he could be happier-singing the songs, often do the trick!"

Debbie, mommy to Ben

"Love this class.  It has clearly helped my daughter become more verbal and sociable."  

Wendy, mommy to Emma

"Thanks for such great music classes! Nora and I have a blast (and we are both very picky about the mommy/daddy and me type classes)! BTW - if we had not been saying "bye bye" to toys (and everything else) since beginning Siobhan's class over the summer, I don't know how I'd get her to give anything up at this point without screaming! Thank you!!"

Rachel, mommy to Nora

Of the Babies-Only class:  " This was one of the best classes we ever took!"

Danielle, mommy to Andrew

"Absolutely loved Siobhan's class. Sebastian has started doing the hand movements for "open and shut". It is just the cutest. And of course he is still crazy about the Palo Palo song. "

Naomi, grandmommy to Sebastian

"We absolutely ADORE our teacher and had a great time in class this spring! We really enjoyed the Sunday class and Mary is WONDERFUL."

Erin, mommy to Freddy and Emmy

Thank you so much for offering such an enriching and educational class. We look forward to it every week.

William, daddy to Orson