Babies Outside! (0-8 months)

Siobhan O'Malley, Director
Spuyten Duyvil: Henry Hudson Park (location map)
Sunday, 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
04/11/21 - 05/30/21 (8 weeks)


Our Babies class is for newborns up to age 8 months.  The class is offered as a one semester introduction to Music Together®.  (This class cannot be repeated.)  The music activities are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants.  Families receive the same music book and CD as all our classes but, in addition, they receive a small booklet designed for parents of newborns and infants.  Meet other parents and learn some fascinating music activities you can recreate at home with your baby.  You'll take pride as your child moves on into mixed-ages classrooms when you see the rapid musical growth in him or her.  Every child's development benefits from early exposure to music and movement.  Music activities in our classroom are a rich, sensory experiences that engage and activate all sorts of neurological the grown-ups have a GREAT TIME! 

Upcoming Meetings
04/18/21    12:45 PM Sunday 04/18/21 12:45 PM
04/25/21    12:45 PM Sunday 04/25/21 12:45 PM
05/02/21    12:45 PM Sunday 05/02/21 12:45 PM
05/09/21    12:45 PM Sunday 05/09/21 12:45 PM
05/16/21    12:45 PM Sunday 05/16/21 12:45 PM
05/23/21    12:45 PM Sunday 05/23/21 12:45 PM
05/30/21    12:45 PM Sunday 05/30/21 12:45 PM